Mark Forstater : The Living Wisdom of Socrates

The Living Wisdom of Socrates

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Religion & Spirituality, Self-Improvement

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Socrates discovered theimportance of soulful living as the basis for a good life. For him, happiness could only be achieved by someone who was acutely concerned with the state of his soul, and in keeping it healthy. Socrates embodied this philosophy in his own life, in that he was a completely integrated and holistic person. He brought together in his own person physical training for his body as well as a belief in the power of his rational mind, and at the same time did not ignore the non-rational or intuitive side of his self. All these aspects of himself: the feelings, emotions, thoughts, physical impulses and intuitive insights together formed the self or person as he saw it, and the aim of the philosophical life was to make certain that this integrated holistic self maintained a healthy equilibrium in life. This meant that inner and outer life was in balance, with the self fully integrated into family life, the larger community, and society as a whole, as well as being in harmony with the natural world.

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