Merry Freer : Doctor, Doctor

Doctor, Doctor

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August 18, 2014



About the Book    About the Author

All Susan wanted was a divorce. Instead, she moved from a cushy seat pulled out for her in a civilized domestic attorney’s office to an uncomfortable chair pushed under her in an interrogation room. All she wanted was a taste of passion. Instead, drawn in by two doctors, she exchanged the life of an ordinary suburban housewife for a world of obsession, addiction and psychological manipulation. Doctor, Doctor is the true story of a recently divorced woman who longs for more passion in her life. When Susan meets Mark, a charismatic and charming doctor, she thinks she has found the kind of love she has longed for. But things are not as they appear with Mark, and slowly she becomes aware of the deceptive life he is leading. Seeking counsel and solace in her long time therapist, Dr. J., she encourages Mark to accompany her to her sessions. The three year odyssey begins with intense therapy - appointments orchestrated by Dr. J., a psychiatrist with a personal stake in the couple’s progress. Secrets, lies, and silent pacts draw Susan deeply into Mark’s treatment plan. The shrewd therapist’s unorthodox and manipulative schemes break all the rules, taking Susan into a world of drama, deceit, betrayal, and an excruciatingly close encounter with the law – an encounter that forces her to choose between saving Mark or saving herself.

Editorial Reviews

This could be a movie. Seriously. I'm reminded of Sandra Bullock in The Net. I was absolutely mesmerized. Bonus: The writing was excellent. The author wrote with remarkable humility and wit

Reads like a great mystery novel. Just when you think the book has exhausted its oh-wow surprises, another one arrives. Romance gone truly weird. The definition of strange but true.

Compelling and so well written! I couldn't put it down. I planned to read just a few pages on a recent 5-hour flight because I was exhausted and needed to sleep. From the very first page I was so drawn in I couldn't stop no sleep!

Riveting! A true slice of life that reads like a novel. Every single woman, young and old, should read this book and heed the lessons to be learned. Just when you think nothing more can happen, one more dysfunctional or deceitful person ensnares Susan in their web. A must read page-turner!

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