Meredith Bond : An Exotic Heir

An Exotic Heir

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History, Romance

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romance, fantasy, paranormal, M.J. Putney, Jane Anne Krentz, Lori Dillon

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Weaving a web of revenge can be satisfying, but dangerous to

your heart.

London society is shallow and cruel, sending Cassandra Renwick running to Calcutta, the exotic seat of the British Raj. It’s a fascinating place filled with interesting sights – including the dark and mysterious Julian Ritchie. But she never thought that an even greater heartbreak could be here in this alien and enchanting land.

Julian has always been discriminated against for being only half English. Embittered, he plots an intricate plan for vengeance with the innocent and lovely Cassandra as his pawn. But he soon finds that payback can be painful for the avenger as well when the threads of revenge unwittingly turn into the silken bonds of love.

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