M.E. Purfield : Blunt Force Kharma

Blunt Force Kharma

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Mysteries & Thrillers, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Blunt Force Kharma is an urban sci-fi noir from the author of the long running noir fantasy Miki Radicci series.

On a barely populated planet far from Earth, Kelly Kharma operates her private investigation and security business out of her downtown office in the Central District. Most of the time she takes on boring background work for corporations, investigations for lawyers, or divorces but sometimes…

A working class mother hires Kharma to find her daughter who didn’t come home from school. Kharma quickly finds the kidnapper but learns that the missing girl is tied into a corporate conspiracy.

Jamison Leese worked as a temporary employee at Fidelity until he was accused of raping one of their employees. Resources Unlimited, the company that employs Leese, believes that he is innocent and hires Kharma to prove it. Kharma works undercover at Fidelity, pushing beyond her comfort levels to find a rapist in a corporate world.

Hide in the shadows and take pictures of the cheating wife cheating for the husband. But two low lives attack a child and Kharma has to step in. Then it isn’t really a child...sort of. It’s a droganism. A man-made slave organism illegal in the Central District and Kharma’s stuck with it. Now with Immigration on her back Kharma has to figure out how to return the kid to his parents and keep her butt out of prison.

Cornelius Dabrowski confessed to killing his girlfriend Miriam Redwood but is pleading innocent in court. To avoid the death penalty, Cornelius’s lawyer hires Kharma to find evidence to paint Miriam Redwood in a negative light, that he was driven to murder. Kharma instead finds evidence that someone else might have committed the crime.

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