M.G. Stravagar : Wiseguys Don't Cast Shadows

Wiseguys Don't Cast Shadows

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Thoughts from the Author: This book will alter your views on the criminal minded individual, which one does not see in a typical crime novel/story and gain insight into the life of a wiseguy and his community. The e-book narrative and summery of the story line is a teaching moment, and can apply to your personal life, or career, and easy to read and understand. Effectively this ebook will change your life.

The New Crime Author M Emerald presents Wiseguys Don’t Cast Shadows: In the spirit of Goodfellas director Martin Scorsese, and the creator of The Sopranos, David Chase.WISEGUYS DON'T CAST SHADOWS – is a crime drama with a twist and surprises along the way. Wiseguy Joe (Rage) a high ranking solider next in line for membership is demoted and passed over but manages to be a top earner and valuable associate, after many years he is giving the opportunity again but declines the offer, upon his retirement he is swindle out of all his savings. He seeks revenge and in the process, he discovered the thief a ten-year-old living in a mud hut with his feeble grandmother back in Nigeria, who is force to steal for a dictator warlord, this unexpected news was not in Joe’s plans. His next decision will decide the fate of everyone including his own.

Book Quote: The cleric lit the church on fire and lit a bond fire; in the process, clumps and puffs of ashes began to swirl and fall as if a tornado around a volcano.Sample Chapter: He places a phone call to the states to his connection and tells them to put the squeeze on the owner or else. Hey! Is this where my money is going to; I’m paying you to find things no one else can find what are you doing here?

Theme: War, New Crime, Dark adventure, Journey, Death, Inspirational

Inside the book you'll receive the making of the story including a Secret Bonus!

Editorial Reviews

Recipient of a Hampton Book Award for discovery 2018

"The next generation of crime novels 2018" - DWS, New York Post

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