M.G. Stravagar : Hope River

Hope River

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Thoughts from the Author: This eBook will turn upside down what you thought you knew about slavery, which one does not see in a typical crimes against humanity novel/story and gain insight into this era of American history. The e-book narrative and summery of the story line is a teaching moment and can apply to your personal life, or career, (without the guilt) in addition easy to read and understand. Effectively this ebook will change your life.

The New Crime Author M Emerald presents Hope River: Is a coming of age story similar to Mark Twain - The adventure of Tom Sawyer and Alex Haley - Roots, with some historical facts, a slave child name Doug is free from slavery with the help of his mother’s will and determination.One afternoon the two find a dead child near their home, Tracy switches the dead boy for her own, and hides her son far away this decision would alter the path of their destiny for better or worse.

Book Quote: Something in the water near to him caught his interest, he followed and thought it to be wooden debris, but as soon as he turned his attention elsewhere, the severed head surfaced facing his former direction.Sample Chapter: Late at night, she went to the hiding place prepare with food and water for her son. They sat and had their last meal together. Doug ate everything and licked his fingers, to his mother disapproval, “Stop child, manners will bring you further in life.” He made it a game and continued behind her back. Doug stomach abruptly growled like a lion “I’m still hungry mama” can I have some more. “Sure, take this here knife and cut the chicken’s neck.” Shock over took his face. “Go on boy bring me over the chicken” he walked with unease. “No, no start over again, walk with strength child!”When he gave her the chicken, she taught him how to hold the bird down, pressed up the dull side of the blade pretending to strike repeatedly until the final kill, with a proud smile on her face. “That’s my boy.” However, the chicken quickly jumped out of his grip and into her hands. “Is that how you do it mama?” he said. “Yeah, but next time don’t let get away!”

Theme: Coming of age, Dark adventure, Supernatural, Slavery, New crime, Murder, Biblical, Political

Inside the book you'll receive the making of the story including a Secret Bonus!

Editorial Reviews

Recipient of a Hampton Book Award for discovery 2018.

“A powerful and inspirational must read…nothing like it” - DWS, USA Today

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