Melissa L. Gill : Salt and the Sea Venture: Colonial Cats Book One

Salt and the Sea Venture: Colonial Cats Book One

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Children & Teens, History

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Salt, a scruffy,white alley cat, wants to escape London in 1609. When he hears that the Sea Venture is sailing to the New World, he knows this is his chance. Life on the Sea Venture is full of fun and excitement, even though Salt has to deal with the aristocratic Angoras, the exclusive Feline Guild, and the territorial ship’s cats. But then a huge Tempest threatens to sink the ship.

The passengers labor for days to keep the ship afloat and Salt expects the ship to sink at any moment. Luckily they wreck off the island of Bermuda. The island holds many new adventures, but Salt is determined to get to the New World, so when the humans build two more boats, he joins them. They make it to the New World, but find a horror there that none of them expected.

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