Mike Ducheine : The OBAMA Legacy

The OBAMA Legacy

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The OBAMA Legacy, The People Branch, Israel Can Do No harm

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MD Publishing

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December 2016



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Barack Obama was one of the most popular candidates who bid for the presidency in modern time when he ran in 2008.As president however, Obama popularity plummeted almost immediately; he suffered the fiercest opposition from the Republican Party than any president since the creation of the nation. Amidst a flurry of criticism, it’s easy to miss what Obama has done as president and where he had failed.

“The OBAMA Legacy” is an attempt to sketch an accurate picture of Obama presidency. The book dispels all myths about Obama. It discusses his presidency in a very unorthodox fashion, by relying exclusively on "verifiable facts" The book completely ignores gossips, political arguments and partisanship in order to sketch a true picture of the 44th president. The OBAMA Legacy is not however a tabulation of praises for the Obama administration; it is a hard look at how he has led the country during his presidency.

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