Mike Ducheine : Defiant for America

Defiant for America

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The OBAMA Legacy, The People Branch, Israel Can Do No harm

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MD Publishing Co

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February 2017



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This book encompasses the road Donald Trump travelled to become the 45th president and discusses the journey he must travel in his presidency to Make America Great Again. Follow the new president's every move with the most important guide into the Journey To Make America Great Again.Note: the book will be available everywhere the first week of February; order now and pay just the flat Pre-Publication price. Trump’s unorthodox approach to governing as president seems defiant to most but appropriate to his supporters in order to restore America’s greatness. Mocked for his campaign style, ridiculed for his lack of politics experience, derided for his lack of understanding, despised for his nonchalance, Donald Trump outwitted everyone, kept politicians and analysts guessing, created diversions to secure the presidency of the United States. The book not only travels with Mr. Trump through the journey to become the 45th president but it also serves as a guide to understand why he does what he does and to be able to join and follow him in his journey to restore America’s greatness. The book details why Trump’s Defiance could be very well be America’s Gain.

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