Avery D Jameson : Death Of The Phoenix: Rise

Death Of The Phoenix: Rise

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Religion & Spirituality, Science & Nature

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78 Pages



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Mar 22, 2018



About the Book   

About the Book

After surviving a series of violent attacks, nothing could have been more clear: he wanted out.

Why do we continue to stay in a situations where your life may potentially be at risk? ? Some may never know when to say when, or how for that matter. After leaving a toxic and hazardous environment in which he was subjected again and again, to abusive manipulation and debilitating co-dependency, Avery D. Jameson paints his mind's masterpiece. ?Illustrating the path to overcoming such adversities, while revealing some very deep universal truths we all may find to be true in our own token, in our rites. Take an introspective glimpse at his provocative postulations, prolific pondering of philosophies and preaxologic questioning through poetry.

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"This book changes lives!"

D V. Moya - Modern Day Visionaries

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