MC Steve : Diary of a Minecraft Wimpy Zombie

Diary of a Minecraft Wimpy Zombie

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Children & Teens, Humor

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Lincoln Peirce, Jeff Kinney, Rachel Renée Russell

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It’s a world where the zombies hate humans, until the tables are turned...

Z is a zombie who has never really fit in with the monster crowd. Although he has fun with his friends, he wonders if there is more to the world than what he has always been told.

He may not be the most popular zombie in school, but Z is about to be the big man on campus.

When he gets a gig at the school newspaper, his stories portraying humans as likable start to get attention. The only problem is, not all of that attention is good. After hearing a mysterious warning from his brother R, Z is taken aback when he runs into trouble at school with some of the older kids who don’t like his writing. But the real surprise comes when Z actually meets a real life human.

Are humans really that bad? Find out when you read “Middle School”

Delightfully entertaining and laugh out loud funny, this book will be sure to capture any child’s attention, even those who don't like to read.

Editorial Reviews

"Diary of a Minecraft Wimpy Zombie, is an entertaining and imaginative take on the middle school diary genre. Do zombies really eat human brains? Z assures the reader, that while they do eat brains, they're not human but animal brains, like some people eat animal meat. He's not even crazy about the taste of brains except for chicken brains, which taste, predictably, like chicken. Steve's story, which is Minecraft fan fiction, takes the reader into the world of zombies while it encourages him/her to try their own hand at writing in a diary or journal, or even creating a series of exciting tales about heroes and villains. While not normally a big fan of zombie fiction, I was soon able to forget about that fact and got totally involved in Z's well-written story. Diary of a Minecraft Wimpy Zombie is recommended for zombie lovers, Minecraft fans, middle school kids, and the young at heart."

- Readers' Favorite Review

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