Jim McCraigh : Changes That Heal: Your Life, Heart and Family...

Changes That Heal: Your Life, Heart and Family...

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You ARE Worthy of a Life Filled with Peace and Joy

This book is Chapter on of Jim McCraigh's bestselling boon The Power of Brokenness...

This book is for all of us who are tired of anything that may be destroying our heart, lives or families. It for all of us who want to stop living in fear, anxiety, guilt and shame. It is for all of us who want to separate ourselves from the pain of the past. It is for all of us who want to change.

No matter how large or small our issues seem today... depression, anger, fear, pornography, relational failure, food, work, isolation, guilt, or addiction or co-dependency... such things can only lead us into deeper pain tomorrow... but there is hope... we can make changes that heal!

Editorial Reviews

"Raw, life changing and inspired! McCraigh connects us to the power that changes lives." - Dean Angell, Senior Pastor, Lakeview Church, Canada

"No matter how badly we've messed up our lives, this book shows us we don't have to be alone" - Judy (Mrs. Larry) Burkett

"Awesome book! I have checked out different Christian books but I really like this one the best. It is written very plainly with a clear message of biblical truth." -Christina M. Downs, author of Simply Balanced: Bible Contradictions Teach Balanced Living

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