Mariah McCourt : Stitched: The First Day of the Rest of Her Life

Stitched: The First Day of the Rest of Her Life

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Edward Scissorhands, Jhonen Vasquez, Monster High, Tim Burton

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Crimson Volania Mulch has a problem; she just woke up in a crypt and, besides her name, has no idea of who, where, or what she is. Welcome to the Cemetery of Assumptions, a vast landscape of stones, mausoleums, and secrets. Home to monsters and mayhem, it may also hold the answers to her unknown parentage.

Crimson is a resourceful patchwork girl and determined to find them. Along the way, she meets the mysterious Wisteria, who has a tendency to change and a witch named Parameter whose spells tend to go awry. And two boys, Simon and Quinton, who make her feel something besides lost and confused. She must battle ghosts, zombies, and monsters in order to learn where she came from and who her real "mother" is. But will she do it alone, or will she have help from her new friends and unexpected crushes?

Editorial Reviews

"This is the most adorable graphic novel I've ever seen!" -- Inky Reviews!

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