Max Sebastian : Madeleine Wakes

Madeleine Wakes

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His wife flirts with other men. And he likes it.

Hugo and Madeleine Finnell move to New York looking for a way to end the depression that's left their five-year marriage in tatters. The change in scenery helps almost immediately, and Madeleine crawls out of the solitude of the past a new woman. A sexual woman. The woman Hugo first fell in love with.

But Hugo isn't the only man who notices. He watches from the sidelines as others begin flirting with his wife, and his wife flirts back. Shock, jealousy, and much to his surprise, arousal buffet Hugo as he witnesses this sexy side of Madeleine come alive. Can he stop her as she starts taking things too far? Does he want to?

Find out what happens when a husband becomes a voyeur to his wife's emergent sexuality. Find out happens when Madeleine wakes.

Madeleine Wakes - the first part of The Madeleine Trilogy, the epic wife-watching romance by bestselling erotica author Max Sebastian

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