Maxine Clancy : Felicity Foxtrot Discovers Her Heart

Felicity Foxtrot Discovers Her Heart

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Maxine Clancy

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5th Dec 2013



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Felicity Foxtrot is a city fox who has to scavenge for food in order to survive. One evening she comes across a room full of paintings and in her heart Felicity knows she would love to paint. "How can I, a city fox, be an artist?" is the challenge Felicity must overcome... This enchanting tale of Felicity Foxtrot reminds us that to follow our dreams we need to step into our hearts and focus on what we love rather than our fears. Join Felicity and her friends on her heart warming journey of discovery.

Editorial Reviews

"This is a really delightful, heartwarming story with wonderful characters. It is playful, heartwarming and it's filled with wisdom too. Children will love learning how rewarding it can be to engage their heart and imagination.There are some really useful notes at the end for parents to help explore Felicity's message with children." - R A Holmes of Rich Inspiration

Maxine Clancy's "Felicity Foxtrot Discovers Her Heart", is a marvellous mixture of magic and practical guidance for any child who is uncertain about where and how to find their heart-felt creative genius.I love how Maxine has captured so many joy-filled magical moments around Felicity's doubts and fears ...This book allows any child to understand that self-doubt and setbacks are part of the process of being creative and thus enables them to start believing they are capable of successfully experimenting and expanding anything creative that they would like to try their hand at.Maxine's descriptions of Felicity's magical book inspired the child in me to want to sit down and write and draw ...My grandchildren are going to be the first to have it read to them by me on my next visit.

Jenetta BarryAuthor of "Full-Circle Rainbow" and "A Handful of Keys for Grief Relief"

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