Matthew J. Cochran : All I Need is Christ: Devotions from the book of Colossians

All I Need is Christ: Devotions from the book of Colossians

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How real is Jesus to you? How deep has His sacrifice impacted your life? "All I need is Christ" is a seven day devotional that takes you through the depth of the book of Colossians, and aims to help you understand how very much Jesus sacrificed for you. He wants you to know Him on a deeply personal level. Colossians will help you in getting to know Jesus more intimately, while explaining how to live a life that is surrendered to Him.

Editorial Reviews

"Reading 'All I need is Christ' has been refreshing. Paul's letters can sometimes have the tendency of being heavy on instruction and readers typically have a difficult time pulling intimate and relational nuggets from it. Matt has been able to not only pull refreshingly relational moments from Colossians, but also offers profound theological insights. Good and compelling devotional literature is hard to find. Moreover, relatable literature in the devotional category is even more difficult to find. Theological richness and relational writing have made this short piece of writing of great value to our culture."

-Rich Perez

Pastor, Christ Crucified Fellowship
New York, NY

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