Matthew Paulson : Email Marketing Demystified (Preview)

Email Marketing Demystified (Preview)

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[Early Release: Get the First Three Chapters of Email Marketing Demystified Before Launch]

While many have decried that email is dead, a handful of marketers have quietly been using little-known email marketing techniques to generate massive results. According to the Direct Marketers Association, a business will earn an average of $43 in new revenue for every $1 invested in email marketing. In Email Marketing Demystified, digital marketing expert Matthew Paulson reveals the strategies and techniques that top email marketers use to build large mailing lists, to write compelling copy that converts and to generate substantially more sales using nothing but their email list.

Inside the book, you'll learn how to:

- Build a massive mailing list using 15 different proven list building techniques.

- Write compelling copy that engages your readers and drives them to take action.

- Optimize every step of your email marketing funnel to skyrocket your sales.

- Grow a highly-engaged and hungry fan-base that will devour your content.Create six new revenue streams for your business using email marketing.Keep your messages out of the spam folder by following our best practices.

- Matthew Paulson has organically grown an email list of more than 250,000 investors and generates more than $1 million per year in revenue using the strategies outlined in Email Marketing Demystified.

Regardless of what kind of business you are building, email marketing can serve as the rocket fuel that that will skyrocket your business.

Editorial Reviews

"I've done email marketing for over a decade and have interviewed over 1,000 entrepreneurs about how they built their businesses, and I still learned a lot about growing an email list from Email Marketing Demystified. What sets it apart is that Matthew does not give empty theories. He shows actionable techniques that he used to build a 200k+ mailing list and includes examples of how he used those techniques."

- Andrew Warner, Founder and CEO, Mixergy

"Matthew has already walked the walk with email marketing, and now he's committed his knowledge to paper. Recommended."

- Rob Walling, Co-Founder, Drip

"Matthew provides a step-by-step process that makes email marketing approachable and accessible to entrepreneurs at all levels. If you are just getting started with email or you already have a mailing list of 10,000 subscribers, Email Marketing Demystified can help grow your business through the power of email marketing."

- Jaime Tardy, Founder, Eventual Millionaire

"With so many new options in social media, it seems some current marketers put more emphasis on techniques for selling rather than on creating value and true service. In this book, Matthew gives step-by-step practices to grow exponentially by giving massive value while honoring the time proven principles of integrity and wowing our customers. I expect this book to add $1 million in new revenue to our business this year."

- Dan Miller, Author of 48 Days to the Work You Love.

"If you have any doubt about the power of email marketing, Email Marketing Demystified will quickly dispel them. In the book, Matthew lays out an easy to implement step-by-step plan to create your own email marketing system that actually works! This book is a must-read for any entrepreneur that runs an online business and is prepared to IGNITE!"

- John Lee Dumas
Host, EntrereneurOnFire.

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