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Hi there, my name's Mason. Here are the starters about me:-I'm 22 years old -I'm a Purdue graduate with a major in math (so writing, right?)

-I love playing sports (soccer and basketball especially)

-I run a website to help high school seniors apply for financial aid (

I love stories. They can give an escape. They can give hope. They can give perspective, laughter, joy, inspiration. All they need is to be told well. That is my mission, and since the age of 17, I have written thousands of pages trying to figure out how to accomplish it. Now, five years later, I am ready for my stories to be heard.

No matter what I set out to write, the end product always seems to tie into one of two themes: the omnipresence of technology, or our perception of reality. Yeah, I know, sounds philosophical, and at its core, it is. On the page though, in the prose of the plot itself, philosophy takes backseat to story. In every novel I have worked on - including the ones of the present - my first and foremost goal is to entertain YOU, to provide you an escape from the real world and, when you're ready, some inspiration to return to it.