Marybeth Haines : From Empty To Empowered - A Journey To Healing From Unexpected Pet Loss

From Empty To Empowered - A Journey To Healing From Unexpected Pet Loss

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Pet Loss, Gary Kowalski, Wallace Sife, Dr. Allan Wolfelt, John Katz

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80 pages




Black Card Books

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January 2016



About the Book    About the Author

HAVE YOU EXPERIENCED A SUDDEN OR TRAUMATIC DEATH OF A PET? DO YOU NEED HELP WITH THE "HOW" TO MOVE FORWARD IN YOUR LIFE? From Empty to Empowered isn’t just a book that you put on your shelf. It is a tool that will give you the direction on how to take an active role in your healing journey. The messages you will receive in this book are not only heartfelt, they are essential so that your heart can heal.

• Walk with Marybeth Haines on a very specific journey, taking you from where you are now to the destination of healing. • Learn three main tools that you can incorporate immediately to find clarity and peace as you take each step to feeling better. • Learn how to use this time in honour of your pet and receive the comfort you need to reach this destination.

This book provides a safe space and supports you with guidance to heal from the loss of your beloved pet. Learn ways to bring back purpose in your life so that you can become more connected and feel more in control after the unexpected or traumatic loss of your pet.

Editorial Reviews

Marybeth Haines has created a pathway that is conducive to healing and practical to follow. The material presented within contains answers to many of the challenging questions faced by grieving pet lovers and is a highly recommended resource. It is written from the heart and easy to understand.

Dr. Karen Becker DVMMercola's Healthy Pets

As a dog lover, veterinarian, and Associate Professor of veterinary communication, I personally know the strong attachment between people and their pets and the deep grief resulting from losing a pet. In this book, Marybeth provides practical guidance and balances education, support and advocacy to empower pet caregivers to heal through their grief. Marybeth serves as a gentle and caring guide when we are experiencing confusing emotions, felling lost and alone and most in need of help.

Jane R. Shaw, DVM Ph.D.Veterinary Communication for Professional ExcellenceColorado State UniversityHaving experienced an unexpected cancer diagnosis and moving on from a stage of panic and fear to a full recovery, I feel blessed to say that healing is possible. Shortly after my recovery, our cat died at 19 1/2 years of age. As we all know our pet touch our lives and our hearts with their unconditional love and it is devastating when we lose one. It's wonderful to find such an empowering read from a subject that is so very challenging. This loving, heartfelt book demonstrates that healing from unexpected pet loss is possible. Thank you Marybeth!

Barry Spilchuk

Co-author, A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul

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