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Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Fiction & Literature

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Neil Gaiman, Lewis Carroll, J. K. Rowling, Monica Furlong, Elizabeth Marie Pope

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145 pages




Publication Date

Oct. 11, 2016



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Tony Bagwell is a rather content little boy. The only thing that troubles him is that his father seems to have never existed. There are no pictures, no letters, not even a story of him running off. As Tony’s mother has an annoying habit of never answering important questions, Tony gives up hope and decides he doesn't need his father anyway. One night, a silver box, which Tony at first mistakes for a star, comes flying through his bedroom window, sending he and his friend Gabriel to a magical land, upset by the turmoil of war and the deception of a powerful and manipulative race called ‘The Spirits’. In the days that follow, Tony and Gabriel learn that they possess special powers and are taught how to control them and how to conquer the darkness. In the process, they find that they are not so ‘normal’ after all and that Tony's family has stranger secrets than he ever imagined.

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