Martin Smith : All Tomorrow's Parties

All Tomorrow's Parties

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Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature

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Agatha Christie, James Thurber, T.R. Pearson, Chuck Klosterman, Spider Robinson

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A Southern college town with a thriving local-music scene; where the music's neither "sacred" nor "profane" so long as it's good. A lost master of a beloved band's legendary show. A record label, poised to break big, which certain people want to be part of - by any means necessary. Two visitors, whose own music has been muted by regrets over long-ago bad decisions: Chuck McDonough, former grad student, who skipped town after learning things about himself he couldn't face; and Penny Froward, whose attempt to help a friend in danger almost destroyed another woman's life. A mysterious will by an unknown hand; and murder.

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