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Martin lives in the Yorkshire Dales and Madrid - another poor boy who grew up smart enough to make money, dumb enough to blow it (on failed marriages to good women) and lucky enough to get a decent living from corporate law; ending up somehow with a great family spread far and wide, a stack of old cycle racing injuries, and a cluster of real and imagined stories that insist on being told.

Apart from the stories that make up Arrivals and Departures, other books include:

Susan Hummer:- fictionalised story of the eventful life of the lady who was, with Billy the Kid, one of the principal characters in the Lincoln County War.

Market Forces: - a science fiction thriller exploring economics, virtual reality and artificial intelligence

The Disappearance of Jonathan Bloom: - a survival thriller based in the African bush

Sing Like You Know the Words: - an ambitious first novel that charts three decades of its main character's career in law, business and politics, reflecting on the Thatcher/Blair days of English politics and woven into a crime mystery