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Young Adult Fantasy, Rick Riordan, C.S. Lewis, Robert Jordan

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About the Author

Martin Rouillard is the author of the best-selling series "Tales of the Lorekeepers", which includes "Rise of the Red Dragon" (2012), "The Giants of Albion (2013)", and "The Last Prince of Troy" (2014). The first books in the series have been among the best-selling ebooks in France since publication, making their way into the Top 100 on Amazon France and other retailers. The series will include three more books, to be published over the next few years.

Martin is passionate about writing, and is also an avid student of mythology and its impact on the history of our world. He believes the legends of our past have forged who we are today. Without those tales, our world would be very different. With the Tales of the Lorekeepers series, Martin aims to entertain his readers, and also to introduce them to legends they may not know, but that have shaped the world in which we live in one way or another.

Martin is French-Canadian, and writes in both French and English. He lives near Quebec City, in Quebec, Canada. With a background in business management, self-publishing was a natural fit for him.