Martin Liss : The Birthday Gift

The Birthday Gift

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The Spranglets are stars.

It all started with gran’pa Big Bang! he is a rock star and has a wife that is called Beam.

The daughter of Big Bang and Beam is Tähti, she is born in Finland on one of their world tours. Tähti has two children, Luna and Sun. Luna is 15 light years old and loves to help her cousin Starr only 8 light years. Sun, the brother of Luna is 10 years old and only play iPad games and want to become a IOS developer. Sun and Luna had a father, called Eclipsy, but as you probably understand he didn’t show up much.

The Starr is 8 years oldand he loves to do things together with Luna his favorite cousin. Starr also has a smaller sister called Estrella, she is only 5 light years and a half but will soon be 6 light years" Estrella os very very smart and manipulativ and always tease Starr for anything she can find to tease about.

The parents of Estrella and Starr are Dad Stern Spranglet. He is born in Germany as you also have understood, during a worl tour of his father Big Bang. therefor also the brother to Tähti. Stern is engineer and is sure his sun Starr also will become an engineer. Stern has a wife called Itziar. They met in The Basque country. Itziar is just a mother at home.

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