Martin Humphries : Can't Buy Me Love

Can't Buy Me Love

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It’s the sixties, and London might be swinging, but not for our girl, Edith. Raised in a miserable home full of anger and hate, life for poor Edith seems to hold little hope. But she finds plenty when she teams up with her older gay cousin, Ronnie, who makes her his mission with a plan to re-shape her into the fabulous young woman he knows she deserves to be.

Once free of her father and her weak, defenseless mother, her transformation is swift and dramatic. Suddenly, life is an exciting adventure, full of twists and turns, as Edith’s coming of age becomes a roller-coaster ride of glorious highs and frightening lows, including a father who comes back to haunt her. But where will it take her, and how will it end? Who will win, and who will lose?

‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ is the first of six volumes in the ‘The Cost of Loving’ Series. If you like stories of success over adversity, family dramas and sexual diversity, then you will love Martin Humphries’ bitter-sweet voyage of discovery through some of the most exciting years in living memory. Years chock full of changes of every kind, when being gay usually spelt trouble with a capital T.

Editorial Reviews

Bill Haines – “Wow, what an emotional and exhausting rollercoaster ride through
'60s Britain following a young girl's transformation from ugly duckling to a
confident and sexually rampant swan, despite a horrendous beginning with a
dysfunctional and squalid start. All in the context of fast-changing
moralities, and as part of an eclectic circle of bohemian friends and
conquests. As a debut novel this is an exceptional portrayal of unconventional
lifestyles, the angst and frustration of the gay community, and one girl's
relentless ambition to reach the top by whatever means she can. Well done!”

YorkshireJan – “I was drawn into Sophia's whirlwind journey from
angst-ridden teenager to confident young woman, right from the first page.
Fast-paced and racy, this book was a real page-turner, and I was willing
Sophia's transformation to be a success...can't wait to read the next one!”

V. L. Forrest – “For anyone who was coming of age in the sixties this book
resonates with much truth of that era. It is recognizable as much in the larger
cities of Canada as it is where it takes place in the UK. Edith, a young woman with low
self-esteem and an abusive father, is taken under the wing of her older cousin
Ronnie. The fact that he is gay, has great taste, and is prepared to remake her
life, sets the stage for all that is to follow. Edith becomes Sophia in a
remarkable transformation that affects all aspects of her life. It is a story filled with ethos and pathos, humour and
all the sex of the 60's free love revolution, which will strike a chord with
many whether straight or gay and will leave you wanting to find out what
happens next. A touching, moving and funny book definitely worth a read. An
author to watch.”

Lee –“ I wasn't sure what to expect with this book and, as a 30-something
year old, I didn't think I'd relate to the main character or the time period of
the 60s, but that worry was unwarranted! I thoroughly enjoyed this new twist on
the 'Cinderella' story about a miserable girl getting a second chance!! It's a
mixed bag of characters and gave me insight on what it was like to be gay in
the 60s and how it's so different from today. It was a real page turner and I'm
looking forward to following the story through the next 5 volumes!”

Darlene Mace – “This is a really enjoyable and lively read. The
characters are vivid and entertaining but there is much more here than a simple
albeit sassy Cinderella story. The characters linger and so do the 'scenes'.
Easily and heartily recommended.”

Sewell – “'Can't buy me love' sang the Beatles; maybe not, but you can buy a
colour-soaked picture of Sixties' life by reading this story of a Plain Jane's
transformation into a chic, swinging 'dolly bird'. Edith becomes Sophia; she
becomes sexy and sophisticated, confident and wordly-wise, leaving behind her
drab, lacklustre upbringing, swapping a nondescript life of humdrum monotony
for a hedonistic whirl of sexual freedom. Sophia is guided by her cousin,
Ronnie, a queer in the time when that was a dangerous label to wear; Ronnie,
who has contacts and friends to nurture Sophia, Ronnie who skims around the rim
of society, living perilously and erotically, pre-empting the burgeoning of LGBT
freeedom. This is a story of London when London was considered the IN place to
be and as Edith-Sophia spreads her wings so the story flies and takes the
reader far beyond the boundaries of the small island of Britain. A great read
with fast, absorbing dialogue and a no-holds barred storyline.”

Skinkis – “A wonderful read. Much more than
a take on homosexual relations. This is about growing up in the sixties and how
it changed America.”

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