Martin E. Brandt : Grim Crew Presents: Dead Future #1

Grim Crew Presents: Dead Future #1

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About the Book   

There is a story that is passed down through the ages. This tale of the undead, arisen to devour the living, leaving nothing but a wasteland behind them. Yes, that is what you find here. Contained within the pages you will be taken on a twisted ride through the end of the world. From docile day dwelling zombies to a side line view from space as the world falls apart and back to one beginning of it all. When you reach the end you will truly come to understand our, Dead Future.

Dead Future is a zombie outbreak anthology, with contribution from writers and artists all over the world. Volume one features the stories:

Cover by Paul Petyo

“Real Monsters” Written by: Martin Brandt II Illustrated & Lettered by: Paul Petyo

“Major Tom” Written & Lettered by: Martin Brandt II Illustrated by: Martinho Abreu

“Non Mortuus” Written by: Roberto Macedo Alves Illustrated by: Roberto Macedo Alves Lettered by: Josh Gorfain

Editorial Reviews

"Dead Future Issue 1 offers everything a comic book of the highest quality should offer. It features superior writing, impressive and various artwork, and most importantly it offers unique and compelling zombie stories proving there’s still some fight left in that old carcass." - Jason T. (via Drive Thru Comics)

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