Mark Sayers : Facing Leviathan [Sample]

Facing Leviathan [Sample]

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Malcolm Gladwell, Andy Crouch, Brett McCracken

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Moody Collective

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March 2014



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There are two styles of leadership at war in the world.

On one side, the mechanical leader casts a vision of heroic action aided by pragmatism, reason, technology, and power.

On the other side, the organic leader strives to bring forth creativity, defying convention and relishing life in culture’s margins.

This leadership battle is at the heart of our contemporary culture, but it is also an ancient battle. It is the reinvocation of two great heresies, one rooted in an attempt to reach for the heroic, godlikeness, the other bowing before the sea monster of the chaotic deep.

Today’s leader must answer many challenging questions including: What does it mean to lead in a cultural storm? How do I battle the darkness in my own heart? Is there such a thing as a perfect leader?

Weaving a history of leadership through the Enlightenment, Romanticism, into tumultuous 19th century Paris and eventually World War II, cultural commentator Mark Sayers brings history and theology together to warn of the dangers yet to come, calling us to choose a better way.

Editorial Reviews

I cannot express how much I needed this book—nor how much our church and our culture needs it. From the first page (or more precisely, the second) to the last it is full of surprise, insight, honesty, clarity, and hope. It is prophetic in the deepest sense of the word. No one who aspires to lead in the way of Christ should miss the chance to read Facing Leviathan.

Andy Crouch, executive editor, Christianity Today, author of Playing God: Redeeming the Gift of Power

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