Mark McMillin : Blood for Blood

Blood for Blood

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She is a child of the gutter, the daughter of a whore. She is the bastard child of the last king of Umaill.

With a swift ship and a loyal crew, Mary turns a handsome profit smuggling contraband. Life is good for all until the wretched Síol Faolcháin, a powerful Irish clan jealous of her success, wants what is hers. After Mary takes the head of a clan chieftain, she is forced to flee to the New World.

But no one can run from the Síol Faolcháin
forever. The clan lures Mary into a trap at an old mill and sets the mill on fire. Mary escapes the flames but her lover, her heart’s true joy, dies saving her. Beset with rage, blood for blood
becomes Mary’s daily, ungodly prayer.

Mary though is forced to put aside her thirst for revenge while England and Spain are locked in barbarous war. She is honor bound to answer a call-to-arms from the Tudor Queen. Mary gathers her fighting men and warships and sets out with the English fleet to battle the Spanish colossus.

After the two great kingdoms have spilt oceans of blood and spent themselves, Mary returns to Ireland to settle her debts. The Síol Faolcháin will kill her, or she will kill them, but Mary will run no more.

The sequel to The Butcher’s Daughter, and based on true historical events, this is a tale about war and adventure, about love, betrayal and revenge.

Editorial Reviews

“McMillin skillfully recreates the time period with clever insertions of historical events interwoven with Mary’s fictional tale … the battle with Spanish forces in Panama is a nail-biting sequel to one of the most famous occurrence[s] in Drake’s Caribbean escapades ..." 

- Cindy Vallar (the "Pirate Lady")

"McMillin's prose ... is as full of romance and swagger as one would expect in a tale of a pirate captain ... the novel upholds the fine tradition of old high-seas adventure stories with a pace that doesn't let up until the final cutlass clatters to the deck." 

- Kirkus Review

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