Mark McKay : A Terminal Agenda

A Terminal Agenda

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When the only form of justice that counts is your own.

What should be a straightforward murder investigation for London DCI Nick Severance turns into something more sinister. How far can he be pushed before he compromises his principles?

DCI Nick Severance investigates murders, a rare occurrence in the City of London. When a man dies violently one morning, only yards from the police station, the motive eludes him. The victim had recently been in India, looking for an ancient tomb that could contain something priceless. Was that reason enough to kill him?

What seems to be a crime motivated by money, becomes something far more sinister. As the chief suspects continue to elude Nick, another agenda reveals itself, one that will bring death and destruction on a far larger scale. And anyone who compromises that agenda will be eliminated.

As events unfold and the stakes get higher, Nick must confront the prospect of losing everything he holds dear, and taking a course of action that will change his life in ways he never imagined.

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