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The circus is the Greatest Show On Earth, unless you're the attraction. Raised from infancy by duplicitous clowns who entertain by day and menace by night, Pirouette dreams of washing the paint from her face and escaping to a better life far away from her cruel adoptive circus family... because when the spotlights dim and the crowd disperses, the clown princess' big-top dreams give way to a nightmarish world of monsters with painted smiles. Writer Mark L. Miller and artist Carlos Granda tell a harrowing, heart-wrenching, and horrifying tale of trying to find out who you are.

Editorial Reviews

“Pirouette! Circus’ have always scared me and now Mark Miller and Carlos Granda have done a book that scares me in a different way, It is SCAREY GREAT!!!!!!!!! Beautiful!!!!!!!!!! Makes me want to work harder!!!!!!” -- Geof Darrow (Shaolin Cowboy, Hard Boiled)

"I loved Pirouette. It's hard to think up a more story-friendly setting than an old-timey circus, and Mark L. Miller and Carlos Granda truly make the most of it. Bring on issue 2!" -- Charles Soule (writer of Death of Wolverine, Superman/Wonder Woman)

""Pirouette is a chaotic carnival of darkness filled with memorable characters and expressive art." – Jim Zub (writer of Samurai Jack, Wayward)

"Miller and Granda are not making wallpaper; they are shooting for the big prize here. This is not the 'same day, same story' plotline with cookie-cutter flat static characters. This is a complex story with rounded dynamic central characters. 10 out of 10" -- Comic Wow

"A gripping first chapter to a 4-part mini-series that has convincingly set the scene and left us with a score of questions that will draw us immediately back next month. Highly recommended for fans who like their horror a little more on the psycho-surreal side. 9 out of 10" -- Behind The Panels

"Pirouette is a stunning yet tragic look at circus life through the eyes of a young woman looking to break out. As an added bonus, there's a scene where a woman vomits off the trapeze. What more could you ask for?" -- Horror Talk

""Pirouette" gives new life to the old circus tale, by infusing a sense of heart and subverting the magic in favor of perversion. The result is a comic unlike anything you've ever read before, and a take on the circus that will have you longing for more." -- Bloody Disgusting

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