Mark H. Maxwell : Networking Kills: Success Through Serving

Networking Kills: Success Through Serving

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Business & Finance , Religion & Spirituality

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125 pages




Desolation Row Press

Publication Date

May 2018



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The key to finding success isn’t about who you know, but how you serve.

Change the world – one person at a time.

“In an industry and culture that encourages us to be more and more self-focused for our own personal gain, Mark’s book is a fresh and necessary perspective that is desperately needed.” ~ TobyMac

College freshmen are lectured about networking on their first day of class. Young professionals race to another boring party so they can be seen and shake hands with someone that might be able to help them – just like the business books and podcasts have instructed. Creatives are chronically obsessed with and depressed by the number of likes, views and followers on their social media. Anyone embarking upon a new path or business venture has heard the key to success lies in networking – who you know, and how they can get you ahead. But, according to Mark H. Maxwell, this is not only untrue, but potentially dangerous to those hoping to succeed.

Networking Kills lays out what the Bible and Jesus say about true success. Weaving scripture with Maxwell’s own stories from his professional career and pop culture illustrations (John Mayer, Bruce Springsteen, Kim Kardashian, Johnny Cash), Networking Kills examines the need for cultural change concerning our pursuit and definition of "success" in every area of life, and shows how serving is actually the key.

“Christ taught, ‘If you want to be great, you must become a servant’,” Maxwell says. “And, Martin Luther King, Jr. made it clear, ‘Anybody can be great, because anybody can serve’. Even music business super-manager, Scooter Braun (Justin Bieber) says, ‘Don’t live for yourself… Live for others ... that is where you will find true riches in life.’ The heart of networking is rooted in selfishness, taking and using, while the great leaders teach us that true success comes through giving, loving others and serving generously.”

In Networking Kills, Maxwell shows how:

• Networking kills creativity

• Networking kills authentic relationships

• Networking kills life

• Networking kills love

He then lays out the amazing benefits that can come from living a life that is focused on service:

• Serving erases fear of failure

• Serving erases conflict

• Serving creates purpose

• Serving creates value

• Serving creates provision

• Serving changes the world

Editorial Reviews

“In an industry and culture that encourages us to be more and more self-focused for our own personal gain, Mark’s book is a fresh and necessary perspective that is desperately needed.” ~ TOBYMAC - Grammy award-winning artist

Networking Kills is more than just a novel idea - this significant message can help steer a generation towards true success. But more than just this generation, I believe it will help anyone, in any stage, re-evaluate their motivations and navigate their life back to what truly matters. I know it’s doing that for me.” ~ NATALIE GRANT - Grammy nominated singer/songwriter

What a simple concept: "Networking" narrows our focus and our life experience. "Serving" connects us in a meaningful way and throws the gates of opportunity wide open. Let the adventure begin!" ~ AMY GRANT - Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter

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