Mark Eddy Smith : Aslan's Call

Aslan's Call

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Religion & Spirituality, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Sarah Arthur

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May 2005



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"I’m told there is a lion who wants to meet with me. I am told that he is fierce and unpredictable and very large. I have known about him for most of my life, and at times I’ve believed I caught a glimpse of his shadow, but I have yet to actually meet him face to face. His name is Aslan, and it’s possible that you’ve heard of him."

C. S. Lewis has created a wonderful place, a place where anything can happen. Even the stones can talk. In Aslan’s Call Mark Eddy Smith shows us how—in this fanciful world—we discover the truest reality. In the children who travel to Narnia we find ourselves. In Aslan we find Christ. And in the place of Narnia we find the very adventure for which God made us. We begin with the journey, and it is the journey that shapes us.

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