Marisol Logan : Lord and Servant (Preview)

Lord and Servant (Preview)

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Romance, Fantasy

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T. S. Joyce, Bella Forrest, Jeff Wheeler, Jasmine Walt, Amy. A Bartol

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Veria Laurelgate's mother is determined to marry her daughter to the wealthy, high-ranking Lord Rames--even if it means resorting to scandalous means. Veria knows she will be trapped forever if her mother gets her way, but she resolves herself to her fate.

Then Andon shows up. Dark, interesting, and attentive, he's exactly what Veria would wish for in a lover...if he weren't a servant, and off-limits to a Lady of a Regal Estate like herself. Veria quickly goes from no prospects at all to being caught between a Lord and a servant.

During a visit to the local village for the Mager Fair, a gathering of magicians who control elemental energy, Veria wanders into the tent of a future-telling Earth Mager who warns her that she must choose between love and power, and that the wrong choice will have terrible consequences...

Which will she choose? And what will her choice mean for her future?

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