Marilyn Alauria : 360 Living: Live Your Best Year Yet

360 Living: Live Your Best Year Yet

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*Free gift offer at the end of book for Noisetrade readers only!* 2016 is here! Are you ready to live your best year yet? I'm here, ready to help you make it happen! I've created a brand new 5 step program "360 Living" to help you get clear about the type of life you want to live that will move you out of boredom and into the exciting, enticing life you dream of. In this Ebook, you'll learn methods to help you stay focused and remain conscious about what you truly desire and help you to make better life decisions. As we work through the Ebook's exercises and challenges, we'll dig deep and get you on course to your best year yet. I created this program based on my own success with these steps and now it's my turn to share them with you. Get ready to live from the seat of your soul…get ready to live an authentic, awe-inspired life.

Editorial Reviews

I love the energy Marilyn gives in this Ebook. She is truly heart-centered and giving of herself. I feel a spiritual connection and happy to have come across her at a time when needed for my own journey to moved forward. Her approach is gentle while also telling it like it is and not sugarcoating. Thank-you Marilyn! - Anonymous

I've just begun to read and work with your Ebook 360 Living and I just love it! I know it's the help I have been in need of. I am sure angels guided me to your website months ago. Thank you so much.
-Siret T

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