Marie Cole : Crushed


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Suspense, Romance

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Abbi Glines, Colleen Hoover, Kylie Scott, Christina Lauren, Alice Clayton

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I have lived by the words, "Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eyes." I have always helped others see. But when I have found the one I wished to fall in love with I am stunned. Love is nothing like I thought it would be. It is terrible and cruel. Impatient and demanding. I feel myself drowning. I reach out and my hands grasp onto him, my friend, the man I know does not wish to find love for he loves only himself. The less I try to cling to him the more he comes to me. I did not ask for this. I did not ask for him. But if he does not come soon my heart will shatter and I will die here, surrounded by flames and water.


Claire's matchmaking days are on hold when the new guy comes to campus. There is something elusive about him. He is quiet, gorgeous and strong. She can see herself in his arms for the rest of her life. If anyone can keep her safe it's him. But how can she capture his attention? With her head held high, Claire goes to the only person who knows everything about hooking up to ask for advice.Neil's shock at Claire's preposition doesn't show but inside he is quivering with excitement. Finally, he will get to taste her. Not only that, but he will finally be able to move on from his tiny obsession with her. But when one night turns out to be not enough to satisfy him, he finds himself struggling to figure out why. Before he can figure it out Neil discovers a horrifying secret. To keep her safe he must make the ultimate sacrifice and do the one thing he swore he would never do.

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