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Ever since I learned to write, I have been secretly concocting epic tales of gut-wrenching intrigue with a dark and devious twist. Unfortunately, I was also a night owl and a seat-of-my-pants writer, so my characters always ended up in situations from which there was no escape—which forced me to learn the craft side of storytelling, and the miracle of outlining. When I started getting up at 0230 hours instead of going to bed at that time, I discovered—who knew!—that I wrote much better when fully-conscious. Despite predictions, when I published my debut novel, REBEL: Legend of the Spider-Prince #1, the world didn’t come to an end; I didn’t even lose my day job.

I like guy talk, doing the kind of stuff that mostly guys like to do, and hanging out with guys—heck, I’m even married to one! During my Air Force career, I was an aircraft maintenance officer and a Minuteman missile combat crew commander. I earned Expert Marksmanship ribbons with both the M-16 and .38 Colt Combat Commander—both left-handed and right-handed. I’ve fenced, shot longbows, and given mounted archery demonstrations. I’ve practiced ninpo, drawn blood with my first sword, and continue to study military science. I’ve competed in Combined Training horse trials, and trained horses in dressage, jumping, and saber-duels—and collected plenty of injuries, saving myself tons of research!

Upcoming releases in the Legend of the Spider-Princeseries include two novel-length collections of enhancement novellas—PRELUDES: Legend of the Spider-Prince #0.5 and REPERCUSSIONS: Legend of the Spider-Prince #1.5—a double-dose of intrigue, treachery, and diabolical schemes that will raise stakes and lower life expectancies in anticipation of the 2017 release of ROGUE: Legend of the Spider-Prince #2.

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