Margaret Welwood : How to Prepare Your Young Child for Success in School

How to Prepare Your Young Child for Success in School

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Aug. 31, 2013



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A simple guide to fostering language development pre-birth to four years old. How does music help? What kind of music? What kind of toys are best? What colors? What kind of books work well for very young children? How much TV should children under two years old watch? And what can you do now to delay symptoms of Alzheimer's when your child is an older adult?

Originally written for parents studying English as a Second Language, this free e-book will also help new parents who are native speakers of English. Get your little one off to a good start with low-cost or free activities that foster self-confidence and language development. Music, books, toys, TV and play--this simple guide outlines choices recommended by experts in the field.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of the book is that, through its simple and direct language, it expresses the author's pure joy on the subject of bringing up a baby and being part of its development. . . . The author draws on twenty-five years teaching English as a second language and, just as importantly, on her experiences with the many children she has seen grow up within her own circle of family and friends. She transmits her knowledge delightfully, so why not give this pragmatic guide a go? (The Edimath)

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