Marc Wollin : Glancing Askance:  More Essays on People and Food and Stuff

Glancing Askance: More Essays on People and Food and Stuff

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Since 1995, Marc Wollin has been writing an award winning weekly column looking at everyday life from a different angle. As he approaches his 1000th column, he pulls together reader favorites in this second collection. And yes, it has more stuff.

Editorial Reviews

Comments from readers of Glancing Askance, the weekly column:

"Another tweak of the ordinary to produce the extraordinary! Well done."

"I have to say one of the best you've written!"

"I laughed my way through and will share with my family."

"Your best one yet!!"

"Of the 692 blogs that routinely announce themselves via email (and the 2,789,956 others that lay in waiting in the ether) I read, on a regular basis, only 2 - and one is yours."

"Great article!!"

"As always I enjoyed the read."

"Love reading your articles, thanks."

"Great Saturday morning post!"

"This came at the perfect time. I enjoyed reading this one."

"What a great piece!"

"Great article!!"

"Love it, ...and it's true too!"

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