Lori J. Lawrence : Absolute Black - Part one (preview)

Absolute Black - Part one (preview)

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Romance, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Young adult, Cassandra Clare, Lauren Kate, Bella Forrest

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Absolute Black - Part one


A novel rich in magic and mystery set in Treviso, a city suffused in arcane secrets. Why look further away when all you need to do is to look into your own past? Absolute Black, an urban fantasy with a Gothic flavor, set in Italy.Treviso becomes Absolute Black.


Black and white make up our essence. It may happen, however, that black prevails and that it is so intense that it stirs the most hidden emotions. Like something crawling inside us, darkness inches slowly, turning the soul one color: Absolute Black.Erica is alone when she sees him for the first time, sitting at the edge of the canal, lost in her own world. Dargo is but an elusive shadow, impossible to portray, and yet he is able to find a way into her conscience. From that moment everything changes, in and around her. Not even Arjuna, her best friend, remains the same: dark omens begin to haunt him, tormenting his dreams.Actors, unaware of the role they play and yet with a precise script to follow, as in previous “forms”, they live divided between a distant past and the everyday life in which they search for their own destiny. Mattia wants to create a new existence for himself; Sofia strives to find a place in the present, even though everything brings her back to the love she lost. Finally Dargo… a ghost, a dark entity that day after day becomes more and more real and tangible. A shadow demanding revenge.Among the evocative alleys of Treviso, magic, love and mystery relive one life after another, in an endless repetition, like an opera that never stops being played.


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