L.L. Barkat : Random Acts of Poetry Day Idea Book

Random Acts of Poetry Day Idea Book

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Arts & Entertainment , Education & Teaching

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Rumi, Pablo Neruda, Mary Oliver, Basho, Jane Kenyon

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September 9, 2015



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Random Acts of Poetry Day is about painting poetry in the public square, either literally or figuratively. Celebrated on the first Wednesday in October, in 2018 it falls on Oct 3.

Chalk your poem onto the sidewalk, leave one on a subway seat, pin one onto your local grocery store board. Need inspiration for a random act? Download this little book of 10 ideas, pick one at random, and take poetry action.


(We sponsor 5 major public days for poetry per year. It's an investment we make in the cause of "Poetry for Life." Your donations become a part of that investment.)

Read more about "Poetry for Life"...


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