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Mysteries & Thrillers, Romance

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Kristen Ashley, Maya Banks, Pamela Clare, Linda Howard, J.S. Scott

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Aconite Visions



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For ten years, a deranged serial rapist dubbed the Cupcake Killer has been prowling the streets of small-town Texas. Rane’s first victim, Maggie Stewart, has been on the road of self-destruction for the past decade. But that changes when she meets Cameron Wolfe. She stops trying to forget the past and starts fearing the future.

Because not only has Cam vowed vengeance for Maggie—despite her objections—he’s got two brothers with their own reasons for wanting Rane dead; Jags an eccentrically gifted psychic empath and Ajay, a womanizing veteran. Unbeknownst to Cam and Maggie, the intersection of their pasts gravely shadows their chance at a future.

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***Graphic Violence, Sex and Language***

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