Linda Riesenberg Fisler : Blind Intention

Blind Intention

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History, Suspense

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Jason Bourne, Robert Ludlum, Sidney Sheldon, John Jakes

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Kit Cat Press

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April 15, 2015



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Accepted into Harvard Law School in 1964, Nicole Charbonneauand 21 other female law students did not expect an easy rode to graduation, considering they were the first women ever accepted into Harvard Law. Nicole didn't expect the treatment by fellow male law students and the damage that treatment inflicted on them. In a world where bullying and sexual harassment seem to go unpunished, can Nicole and the 21 other female law students make it to graduation? How will the women of Harvard's Law School Class of 1964 react to the treatment they receive? How many make it to graduation and how will their experiences help them in the years to come?

Across the Atlantic Ocean, Sean Adkins is about to enter the final test of his studies at Fort Monckton. Sean has been training for a career as a British agent with the Secret Intelligence Service. The Reconnaissance Test was about to start and his friend, Kent Chapman, was consumed with worry. As unprepared as Kent thought he was, Sean was confident that he would succeed. In the midst of the test, conducted at a local pub, Sean engages with a Basque ETA rebel who is on his way to Northern Ireland to help the IRA. Does Sean's discovery alter the test results and catapult him into the clandestine world he has been desiring to enter ahead of his graduation from training?

In May of 1961, President Kennedy announced the funding for special operational forces and an expansion in spending for unconventional warfare. Robert Jenkins, who as a child listened to the swashbuckling tales of his father's adventures as a Navy Scout and Raiders in WWII, is about to participate in Hell Week. His ultimate goal is to be accepted into Navy SEAL program. Will he endure Hell Week and perform well enough to move onto the 21 weeks of SEAL training?

Nicole, Sean and Robert are creating intentions that will shape the rest of their lives, but are they blind to what those intentions will bring into their lives?

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