Tangela Morris : No More Victim! I want the Victory!

No More Victim! I want the Victory!

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Religion & Spirituality, Self-Improvement

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Whiteside Publishing

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Being a victim can cause detrimental effects to you mentally, physically, and spiritually. Life’s trials and setbacks can cause you to feel entrapped and feel you have no way out. It is no easy task to overcome something that is haunting to you in life. Yet, with God’s help it is not impossible.

NO MORE VICTIM! I WANT THE VICTORY use real life stories, personal reflections, and the Word of God to help create a victimless life through Jesus Christ. It will guide you to a better understanding of how to apply God’s word to your life. As you grow toward a life FREE of bondage you will learn what it means to truly be set free and live how God desires for you to live. Don’t be afraid to step out and enjoy the Faith ride to Victory!

Editorial Reviews

No More Victim! I Want the Victory! Is a masterpiece of God, adored by the Lord, and anointed with the Spirit of healing. In a world where healing
happens only when we realize we are broken, this book finds and fills all the
voids of the traumas of life. So, if you are broken, know
someone who is broken, or just can't seem to find the motivation to stand up
and reclaim your God-given authority over the power of the enemy, then prepare
yourself for the jail-break your soul cries out for. Healing has finally
arrived right here in, No More Victim!-I Want the Victory! ~ Stanley Battle

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