Liberty Gilmore : New Dusk (Hart and Soul Book #1)

New Dusk (Hart and Soul Book #1)

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Mysteries & Thrillers, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Kim Harrison, Patricia Briggs, Kelley Armstrong

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Alf is roaring. Most people would mistake this for anger, but they don’t spend as much time around Demons as I do…

Cadence Hart has just six months on the job left. But six months might as well be a lifetime in the dangerous field of Deportations. Armed with a flaming sword and backed by Alf, her Demon partner, she’s the thin blue line between the Souls escaped from Hell and the living residents of the city.

Missing persons cases aren’t her usual line of work, but a young woman has disappeared in strange circumstances and Cadence is pulled off her regular duties to investigate. The girl’s parents think she’s possessed. Which is impossible. Only, from what evidence there is - it looks an awful lot like she’s possessed.

To solve the case, she’ll need the help of Matthew, a Soul expert. Matthew gained his expertise first hand – he’s been dead since before Cadence was born. But when their investigation unearths links to the devil-worshipping cult, New Dusk, they begin to realise that the case might be more than even they can handle.

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