Len Winneroski : Our Glory Is His

Our Glory Is His

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Recycled Press

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Nov 2012



About the Book    About the Author

Our Glory is His is a book about finding peace, purpose and joy in a hurting and broken world. It is a book of discovery that will challenge you to think harder, pray longer and draw closer to the Creator of the Universe. Life was created out of, and for God’s Glory. Jesus came to show us what Glory looks like and He died in our place to conquer sin and death so that we could experience Glory again. This book is an invitation to rediscover God’s best for you. God’s best is to experience His joy by becoming lamps that reflect His Glory. Our Glory is His.

A forward by Ricky Maye

Editorial Reviews

(Amazon Reviews)

"Well done Len for your obedience to Him, and for being a light that shines God's glory to

others." - Andrew Mullek

"Some very deep and meaningful segments in book that were easy to

comprehend. ”- Pascal

"The study guide has been helpful for me also to reflect and ponder throughout the day as application to

apply. ”- Robert Plahitko

"Len Winneroski takes a deep topic, the glory of God Almighty, and treats it with due seriousness. However, I was truly blessed by the candor and whimsey he uses to approach the topic. The author establishes beyond a doubt that he is an imperfect vessel for something unspeakably awesome, and helps the reader understand this too. Chapters include a theological analysis of Willie Wonka, German psychology, Michaelangelo and the idiosyncrasies of sheep. Each chapter is fresh, cadid, fun and if you're not careful, you'll catch a meaty message in there too and grow in your faith. This book will bless you and make you laugh. Well done!" - Cristopher Merrill

"Len Winneroski's book is an excellent, thought-provoking and well-researched book for both personal study and reflection, or for a small-group setting. His interweaving of stories and Scriptural principles provide a solid background for discussion, along with ongoing challenges for one's own prayer life. An excellent read." - Christopher Lyons

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