Lee Warren : Common Grounds: Contemplations, Confessions, and (Unexpected) Connections from the Coffee Shop

Common Grounds: Contemplations, Confessions, and (Unexpected) Connections from the Coffee Shop

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Midnight Latte Publishing

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March 11, 2015



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“Am I the only one?”

That question sent Lee Warren on a pilgrimage in which he visited thirty coffee shops in Omaha, Nebraska. This collection of heartfelt insights about love, loss, loneliness, and the deep need for connection is the result.

He ended up spending $136.42 on coffee and a few donuts, but it was a small price to pay for the commonality he felt between the patrons, baristas, and himself. And standing on common ground gave him strength in the most unexpected of ways.

Maybe it will do the same for you.

Editorial Reviews

Lee Warren's writing is honest, insightful and thought-provoking. After reading his 30 short essays in this book I wished that he had written 31. But, truth be told, if he'd written 100 essays I would have longed to read number 101. -Ramona Bracker

Just finished a journey through 30 coffee shops with Lee's varied and engaging insights.Through a combination of his interests in reading, writing, sports, love, spirituality and of course coffee, Lee takes the reader far deeper than a trip to the Starbuck's Drive-Thru can allow. Lee's gift for people-watching captures the most important part of the coffee shop atmosphere: community, or lack thereof.It's amazing what seemingly innocuous little details can bring to mind, dredging up past sorrows and reviving forgotten joys. Lee's writing communicates an easy vulnerability and openness that is hard to master. -David Williamson

From the first pages, this book starts to answer the question that many of us have asked, am I the only one? Each of us has a story and Lee has found a way to learn some of these stories while visiting coffee shops and observing the employees and other customers. He uses his talent as a writer and his honesty and courage to relate these observations to challenges in his own life. I share many of the challenges that Lee describes and this book has caused me to realize that I am also not alone when it comes to handling the situations faced each day. I highly recommend this book and hope you will have similar realizations concerning your own life. -Stanley Hall

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