Lee Sinclair : The Life and Crimes of Luther and Ray-Ray By Luther Monroe Perkins

The Life and Crimes of Luther and Ray-Ray By Luther Monroe Perkins

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Depending on who you ask….

Lee Sinclair is a storyteller, songwriter, hooligan, mulligan, mover, shaker, musician, almost was, never was, poet, liar, pirate, thief, tattooed, shade -tree mechanic, observer, teacher, learner, lunatic, walker, talker, wannabe, street smart, book smart, dumb-ass, genius, patriot, friend, enemy, brother, son, husband, singer, afro-engineer, record engineer, producer, drummer, wrangler, guitar-player, provider, promoter, hustler, coward, fisherman, marksman, proud, vain, humble, mumbling, bumbling, serious, foolish, outlaw, rambler, rounder, hoodlum, , , ,

(I left those for you to fill in, go ahead, you know you want to), quiet, noisy, analytical, spontaneous, reserved, personable, argumentative, tough, peace-loving, standoffish, unscrupulous, moral, fearless, maverick, private, solitary, individualistic person.

I am American and Southern, both by the Grace of God.

I could not have done this without my family. Long evenings away from them (sometimes while in the same room or the next one) and the struggles just to keep me grounded are greatly appreciated. I probably wouldn’t be here today without my wife; she is the best thing that ever happened to me. There’s no cliché intended there, just fact and love.

This book while containing some stories that I was a part of, heard about or merely came up with out of circumstances, want and need, are truly fictional and the resemblance to or about any persons living or dead really is coincidental.

So this means, to those of you reading this that think I am talking about you….


Editorial Reviews

“If Mark Twain was alive today, he

would have found himself chuckling over these stories.”

Robert Hinson

Pulitzer Prize Nominee

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