Leann Forst. MBA. CHC : 100 Ways to Lose Weight

100 Ways to Lose Weight

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*Have you been struggling to lose weight the ‘old fashion’way – counting calories all day?

*Still can’t get into your skinny jeans and need to try something new- to lose those last few?

*Have a swimsuit you want to wear- but don’t dare?

*Eating a ton of salads until you turn green -but still don’t feel so sexy and keen?

*Need something fast to get you out of the yo-yo dieting mess -so that you can fit into your wedding dress?

This book is for anyone who is short on time, and desperate to lose those last few pounds but looking for a new route on how to get there. 100 Ways to Lose Weight gives you a compilation of expert advice from M.D’s., Nutrition Experts, University Research Teams and World Class Athletes in a fast read that will give you a few ideas, tips and tricks to try to get those last few pounds off. There’s more than one way to lose weight and counting calories is out.

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