Lazlo Ferran : Inchoate: (Short Stories Volume I)

Inchoate: (Short Stories Volume I)

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Mysteries & Thrillers, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Sci-fi, Occult & Military Thrillers, Dan Brown, Phillip K Dick, isaac Asimov

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Three short stories AND read the first chapter of both the science fiction book Iron I: Too Bright the Sun, and the occult thriller Ordo Lupus and the Temple Gate for Free.

Vampire: Beneficence

There was a short message on the piece of paper:

Sunday at noon.

It was signed in blood: Concilium Putus Visum

A vampire races against time to gather blood for a congregation and save his young girlfriend and daughter from murder by a secret Catholic cult of assassins.


Set in prehistoric North America, this tells the story of how a delinquent time traveler calls the first Board Meeting in History and inadvertently incurs the wrath of all his bosses. He is put on trial but is he innocent?

Henry's Car

In this hilarious science fiction story, a Royal time traveler from the 16th Century develops a taste and talent for for stock-car racing.

Also available in DRM-Free formats (epub, Sony Reader - LRF, Kindle .mobi, Palm Doc PDB, PDF, RTF and Plain Text) at

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