Laurie Bloomfield : Finding Felicia

Finding Felicia

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Children, Education

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Katie Davis, Robert Munsch, Charlotte K. Omillin

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Crafty Canuck Inc.

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November 1, 2014



About the Book    About the Author

Finding Felicia is a wonderful story about a boy, Jack and his best friend, a cat named Felicia. At a time when children are busier than ever with activities, sports and electronic distractions, Finding Felicia gently reminds that sometimes the greatest rewards in life come about simply by slowing down, relaxing and being in the moment. With wonderful, brightly coloured and expressive illustrations, Finding Felicia captivates the reader and ushers them into the search for Felicia.

  • Ages: 4 - 9
  • Reading Level: Grade 2 - Moderate
  • Comprehension: Easy
  • Theme: Friendship, Self-reliance

Editorial Reviews

Finding Felicia is a story of a little boy who learns a lesson about having fun while searching for his cat. Living with his extended family (parents and grandparents) in the countryside, Jack is surrounded by plenty of places to play and never feels lonely since Felicia, his cat and best friend, follows him wherever he goes. One day Felicia is nowhere to be found. As Jack searches for her, he asks various animals for help, and in turn, they show him how to have fun independent of his feline friend.

Rising children's author Laurie Bloomfield has created a charming tale that conveys a pertinent message. Bloomfield has collaborated with seasoned illustrator and graphic artist Kari Bolt to offer young children a friendly reminder that playing alone without technology can be fun, but they may need a helping hand at times to activate their creative juices. Bolt's brightly colorful child-like drawings aptly complement Bloomfield's simple but meticulously designed text.

Bloomfield uses repetition to help young readers anticipate the storyline. Good examples are the replication of the play area sequence (Jack's yard, the meadow, the brook, and the woods) in Jack's journey to find Felicia, and the animals' heartening sentiments for Jack to stop and taste the berries, smell the fragrant fields, watch the flashing fish, and listen to the whispering wind, and then "you [Jack] will have some fun and Felicia will surely come along." Another example is Jack's catchy singsong calling for Felicia ("FE-LI-ICIA"). Children will also enjoy finding Felicia, who Bolt deftly hides throughout many pages of Jack's search. In closing, Bloomfield uses the element of surprise, which captures the essence of her story.

Finding Felicia is an absolutely delightful picture book that is bound to become a favorite read for many generations to come.

Anita Lock

Freelance Book Reviewer

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